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New K-12 SS Draft Framework:

ASHP: High School Thinking Like a Historian/CCLS Connections

ASHP: Middle School
Thinking Like a Historian/CCLS Connections

Professor O'Donnell's SIGHT approach

March 12th, The Brooklyn Museum

February 1st, 2014 at The Paley Center for Media

Vietnam War

Prezi Presentation


ASHP Excerpted Documents:

Full Versions of Peace without Conquest and Beyond Vietnam

Highlights of Photographs from NARA

"yippie" Protest image


Hello Vietnam

Vietnam Rag (Country Joe)

January 8th, 2014 at The Metroplitan Museum of Art

Professor O'Donnell's Presentation

December 14, 2013 MCNY-Immigration

Professor Edward T. O'Donnell's Presentation and documents

Text Documents For Question Development

Political Cartoons:

Seinfeld Video

12-3-13 @ NY Historical Society-The Gilded Age

Profesor Jackson's Presentation

Rockefeller Lesson

Summer 2013

TAH Post History Survey

History Mystery Lesson

Rockefeller Lesson:

Cold War Lesson Reources:

Al the images, documents and templates from Brian's Presentation:

Cold War Prezi

Picturing America Resources:

Picturing America Home Page

Set of all 40 Images:

Prezi Link for Presentation

Picturing America/Picturing New York Home Page

Picturing America On Screen

All 40 PA Images as Jpegs

Other image collections:

MCNY Resources:

NYC Exhibit Collection:

Statue of Liberty Resources:

Curriculum Guides a Link to DOE and other published resources for use in your classroom.

New K-8 SS Framework


Historical Thinking Skills

New-York Historical Society Great Hall worksheet:


Session 1 @ N-YHS 11-29-12

National Archive Analysis Sheets

Online New York Historical Curricum Materials

NY Historical NYC& WWII workshop materials

WWII Global Propaganda Lesson from Library of Congress

Professor Kenneth Jacksons WWII & NYC PPT presentation

What Should Truman Do Lesson.

Links to other WW II resources

Link to Dr. Seuss Cartoons
NY Times article about Terrorist attempt
NY Times Blog about NY in WWII
NY Daily News article about sinking of the Laffayette

Session 2 12-13-12

New York Through A Local Lens
Professor Lobel's Power point presenation

Session 3 1-08-13


Activity Sheets:


Primary Sources:

Phil Panaritis' Washington's Crossing Presentation:

external image pdf.pngwash Crossing the DD slideshow 1-15-13.pdf

Session 4 February 13th at The Brooklyn Musuem Of Art:

Errie Canal Today Video

Link To The Brooklyn Museum American Collections Digital Portal

Session 5 March 6th at MCNY Abolition and Activism

Close Reading Article:

The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro
By Fredrick Douglass

Session 6th May 7th at the National Archives:


Session 1 11-16
New York and The Civil War

Find someone who activity.

Life stories Graphic Organizer

Anticipatory Guide

Twitter Poem Lesson Resources

Session 2 12-5
The Immigrant Experience
New York Public Library Lower East Side guide; contains the graphic organizers, images and documents from the afternoon workshop.

Dr. Wasserman's Presentation Notes

Teaching History Article about Common Core

Viewing Guide Graphic Organizer

Breadgivers Excerpts:

Immigration packet excerpt from NYC BOE Curriculum Guide:

Scholar Packet for Dr. Wasserman

Session 3 1-10-12

Civil Rights and the People behind the Movement

Dr. Williams Presentation:

John Lewis Speech:

Columbia University: Mapping The African American Past

Eyes on the Prize resource site

National Portrait Gallery Smithsonian Museum - African-American Portraits

Ella Baker article, “Bigger Than a Hamburger”

Official Program, March on Washington

Session 4 2-09-12

New York and the New Deal

New York Times Article about WPA in NYC

NYC Public School Art: New Deal Era

MCNY Federal Theater Project Resources

Great Depression Reading:

TAH Presentation by Bronx TAH Program

Slideshow by Bronx TAH Project Director, Philip Panaritis

Image Resources for New Deal and New York

Bonus Army Lesson from LOC

Excerpt from old BOE Curriculum Guide

New Deal resources from Gotham Center

Session 5 3/8/12 The Progressive Era
Professor Czitrom's Presentation:


Link to MCNY Collection portal

external image pdf.png The Greatest Grid Educator Resources.pdf

Session 6 5/9/12 The Cold War
Amanda and Julie's Political Cartoon Workshop

Duck and Cover Link

Link To Frank's Resources:

Cold War Documents and Lessons

Digital History Website from University of Houston
This website will have a new format starting in June 2012.

Lesson Plan “Origins of the Cold War”
This lesson plan which focuses on a variety of cold war topics. Students interpret written documents and primary sources from excerpts from sources. Lesson includes questions for discussion.
New York Times Lessons
Follow the Marx - Learning about Communism
In this New York Times lesson, students explore communism from historical and theoretical perspectives to present to fellow classmates at a teach-in.(September 9, 2002).

Cold War International History Project
Current Research and Sources
This History Project features new evidence from Central and Eastern European archives of the Cold War in Asia. It also offers a CD-ROM on "Bulgaria and the Cold War." You can also learn about George Washington University's NEH-supported collaboration to train high school teachers in recent advances in Cold War historiography. The CWIHP Bulletin contains recently released and translated documents from former Communist-world archives, along with brief introductions by leading Cold War historians and archivists.

Harry S. Truman Library and Museum

Teacher Resources: “The Ideological Foundations of the Cold War”.

The library has a collection titled The Ideological Foundations of the Cold War”. All 57 documents (approximately 632 pages) highlight the ideals that formed the basis of American policy toward the Soviet Union from 1945 to 1952. Also included are oral histories, photographs, biographies, a chronology, and lesson plans. Supporting material available on include research files on the Berlin Airlift, Korean War, Marshall Plan, Truman Doctrine, and United Nations.
The Library of Congress:
Ten Lessons: Postwar United States, 1945-present
These lessons use the Library’s collections. They were written by classroom teachers.

National Archives
Lesson Plan: Teaching With Documents - Telegram from Senator Joseph McCarthy to President Harry S. Truman
This lesson includes documents from the National Archives, the lesson and worksheets.