Summer 2013

The Road To Revolution:
by Keith, Joe,Ceceila, Estee and James

The Constitution:

by Helaine, Jeanine, Amanda,Nicole,Brian and Angela


by Mary, Leigh and Gina

Cold War Unit
Rob and Clarissa


Early America

Civil Rights

Civil War

Cuban Missile Crisis

Gold Rush

Great Depression

ImmigrationImmigration Mulberry St 2.jpgImmigration_Mulberry St.jpg

Imperialism in Africa

Industrial Revolution

Manifest Destiny

Progressive Era

World War I

World War II

SUMMER, 2012

Civil War Causes

by Amanda, Brian, Helaine, Angela & Nicole

Overview & Civil War Causes Unit Map:

Part I - Introduction:

Part II - Compromises:

Part III - Slavery:

Part IV - Politics and Power:

Part V - Summative Assessment:

Immigration Bundle

by Gina Giannone, Evelyn Gomez, Dondre Jones, Scott Lercher & James Rodriguez

Overview & Immigration Unit Map:

Task 1:
Jacob Riis Clip

Task 2:
Heaven Will Protect

Task 3:

Task 4:

Task 5:

Immigration Culminating Task:
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Causes of the American Revolution

by xxx



Culminating Tasks:

The Constitution

by Matthew Gehrman, David Edelman & Mark O'Kane

School House Rock - How A Bill Becomes A Law


by Keith Kilgore, Joe Peters and Cecelia Manno